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Catalyst has built its own Tier 3++ ISO 27001 certified Data Center and provides Data Center related services to its clients in the region.


Data Center Services are the core component of Catalyst’s complete spectrum of expert IT services.

From managed or hosted services to IT infrastructure services at your location, Catalyst is your partner of choice.

With a reputation for world-class expertise and quality support services, Catalyst maintains premier partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, Dell, and Juniper Networks. Our customers receive the latest technology at competitive prices.
With unprecedented data growth and critical dependency on business, most companies face complexity, scalability, security, and commercial challenges. Thanks to extensive experience in critical data handling, associated data security, reliability, adaptability, and availability, Catalyst can reduce or completely eliminate those challenges. In addition, companies can maximize ROI and benefit from the fast changing technology by using OpEx based On-Demand model.
Because of data growth and increased security holes, multiple, ever-growing information silos are becoming failure-prone. They are harder to manage, harder to detect/recover from failure and more difficult to scale. To reduce operational risk, companies need to handle and store data in centralized environments with standardized processes riding on Cloud and Big Data-enabled architectural backbone—and to back it all with 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring and hosting backed by robust, secured infrastructure laid on TIA-942 design principles and driven by ISO-27001 processes.

Catalyst makes this possible with our in-depth understanding of these complexities and the certified, professional resource pool operating out of our Data Center. With greater emphasis on specialization, cost-effective service providers, and out-sourcing, companies have started looking for external Internet Data Centers (IDC) to reduce operational overhead and focus more on core business.

Internationally, Catalyst is an emerging name in Middle East and Africa fpr DC Consulting Services. Our Unique Service Offering boasts design and implementation of GREEN, scalable, high efficiency data centers with lower capital expenditure and a contained operational expenditure model.


Catalyst offers these Data Center Services:

  • Site survey and GAP identification of your existing infrastructure
  • Design and build your own Data Center
  • Data Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity
  • Remote Application/Infrastructure Management
  • SaaS, e.g. Oracle on Demand, MS Office on-demand etc.
  • PaaS (Dedicated platforms/ virtual platforms).
  • IaaS (Rackspace).

The Catalyst Value Addition


As a major co-location provider and data center builder, Catalyst’s customers use our one-stop global shop for co-location, connectivity, managed services, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, data storage, remote support and consulting services.

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